Where's the Friday morning thread??

yep! yesterday. thank god.

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Hello Niki.

I’m queuing in a long queue for a wanky bread and pastry order from a local bakery. May get a coffee, because, why not?

Ummmm, meeting a mate for a walk later. We’ve both been in a pretty rubbish place recently so it’ll be good to see him.


Hi everyone

Had a row yesterday and feel like shit still today

Oh well, it’s a nice day at least and I’m working but I don’t have any calls or anything

I’ve had one in my time.

I also had one of those where you squeezed a couple of levers at the top. That gave a decent coarseness.

Hayfever is through the roof

Could really go for one or Rich-t’s wanky pastries right now. Making do with toast and nuttella

Hello and welcome to the Original Board of Talk.


Morning all.

Didn’t get much sleep as my back is too badly sunburned for me to find a comfy position. Hopefully this teaches me a valuable lesson about…something.

I thought I had more to say but it turns out I don’t. Ah well, might as well post this anyway I guess.

Hope you’re all well. Horse out.

Gotta say my current one is proving to be pretty much perfect. Had it long enough to be sure now (will break it today now for sure)

Which one? I’ll save you one


Babysitting soon :heart: Then going to another outdoors gig this afternoon with one of my fav bands that one of my fav people happens to be in, going with some excellent people as well. Should be getting paid today as well, no sign of it thus far though :face_with_monocle:

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I mean pepper mill BTW, don’t do salt mills either. All shit

Cinnamon bun!!!

I’ll have one of each of the top three please cheers

Could we see it please (I am relatively happy with my current Le Creuset).

Pecan and maple :snail:

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La de fucking da


I’ll take a pic when I finish my toast

Probably cost the same as some wanky pastries!

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Probably 🤷