Where's the sun Sunday

Morning all. I woke up at 6 after past me decided it would be hilarious to set my alarm for that time. On a Sunday. Is nothing sacred?

Lidl have these new (to me) things called crolls… A cross between a croissant and a roll, and let me tell you they are delicious.

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Morning tiltington! I’ve been awake on and off since about 5.30 due to a loud cat and my own bladder. I could go a croll right now, I’ve never had one and only just heard about them from you just then, but I could really go one. Last day of my rubbish week off today and already the dread is coming.

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Morning @tilty @Funkhouser and anyone else who’s awake :wave:

Had a slightly restless sleep with various strange dreams, none of which I can properly remember. Currently sat on my bed, copying audiobooks onto our laptop for the girls, in advance of our trip. Does anyone know of any good places for getting free (or good value) PDF versions of children’s books? Most of the sites that appear on a Google search are fine if you want a badly photocopied version of The Wind in the Willows but that’s about it!

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2hrs sleep. Sleepy on the sofa as I didn’t want to wake anybody with my frustrated fidgeting. 11hr day at work today. Yay!

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Does Gutenberg have anything you want?

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Morning all!

Woke up hungry after some pints and rock music last night. Still hungry after toast and chocolate spread.

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I’ll have a browse, might be a few classics in there :+1: thanks!

Woke up at five and in a fit of enthusiasm / stupidity decided to go out cycling. Probably worth it though as the first coffee after a morning bike ride is heavenly.

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Morning, a sick child meant a terrible nights sleep, but every cloud has a silver lining, and I won’t have to take him to his swimming lesson this morning.

No idea what our plans are now, but put the suggestion of going out for a fry up, so fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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Morning all.

Had a full on attack of the @epimer’s last night. Feeling absolutely rung out now, but can’t get back to sleep as my stoumach keeps making weird noises.

Supposed to be going for GF’s birthday meal this afternoon, but not sure about that at all now.

Back to beautiful Leeds on the mega bus today

Good morning lilty and etc.
Been camping/bothying these last few nights, and i’m gasping for a macmuffin meal with toffee latte tbqh

@japes nc 500. It’s real pretty up there! and i did bag ONE munro


The Mobilism forums are usually helpful for this.

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oh nice one. was it ben hope?

i was supposed to head up to ullapool yesterday to do some hillwalking today but ive hurt my shoulder and cba. plan b is to head up tonight and go out tomorrow instead.

Woah japes has remembered a bank holiday?


Had a earl Grey and 2xslice of to at (1xjam, 1xbiscoff)

Either gonna have a little walk or a little cycle, pre cricket.

A girl said I was “fit” last night and I keep banging on about

#fit #keepbangingon


Do you or they have kindles? Lots of very good kids books for 99p on those.

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I’ll be watching the cricket all day and very slowly making a lasagne



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