Where's the sun Sunday

Anyone in Manchester ever seen this lad. He just popped into my head. Was in Fuel once and he came in, intrusively chatting shit to people who didn’t want to talk to him, barman had to throw him out.


Finished watching that Cocteau Twins thing, they were much better than MBV weren’t they


yes by miles


I liked the bit where they said they turned down blue velvet because dune had flopped and David Lynch was a nobody, while defending their judge dredd track

@Funkhouser are Cocteau Twins on the list?



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It’s so hot, fuuuucccckkkkkkkkkk.

Have you tried sitting in the shade?

anyone thought about the costa concordia tragedy recently? thought about it earlier, bit weird.

Have you heard the car seat headrest song

nope. never listened to them on account of the bad name


Can appreciate that but it’s a song and a half


Imagine dressing like one of the male Friends

sounds like velvet underground.

Not knowing your other music tastes I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing.

good thing!

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It’s quite pedestrian until about 6 mins in when it goes full on batshit crazy and amazing

Turns into like, a native nod record or something. ‘how the hell am I supposed to steer this ship’

I’m in Edinburgh. We’re staying in the flat my brother in law is currently renovating, so I’m frantically trying to toddler proof things.

Wor Lass has gone to Tesco for pizza and then I’m going to see Sons of Kemet.

We’re going out for a free Brazilian meal tomorrow.