Where's the sun Sunday

  • Beef Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce
  • House Special Chow Mein
  • Beef Satay
  • Singapore Vermicelli
  • Other (specify)

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Yes, it makes no difference. It’s still too hot. Fuck you heat. FUCK YOU.

Mary loves Dick. MARY LOVES DICK.

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My friend Lucy’s boyfriend is obsessed with Derek Acorah, like will send his tweets to the group chat (they’re dead sweet images tbf, classic older dude on social media- it’ll be a picture of a sunset with “have a beautiful Sunday!” and he does one pretty much every day) to the point where we had to have a word cause it was getting so annoying.
ANYWAY, clever clogs here thought I’d sign Luce up to the official Derek fan club with the username LucyLovesDick because she’d immediately assume it was him. Was absolutely raging cause it said the email and username were already in use, so I text him being like ffs mate that was my genius plan you’ve ruined it. Turns out it was actually me, I’d done it a few weeks before when pissed and forgotten about it.


This reminds me of cj de mooi on twitter

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Great bants

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Did he do something on Twitter??
Killed a man tilts D: awful

They turned down blue velvet which led Lynch to find Julee Cruise and everything was right in the end.

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Yeah probably turned out for the best

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Decided to sack off going to see Rolo Tomassi, so that I can stay home and eat a whole baked camembert.


I like it on First Dates when they carry on and go for a drink after the date

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I sacked off seeing them when they played in my basement in 2007, kind of regret it with hindsight

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Gonna eat mac and cheese and watch Aliens


Did you know it’s National Mac and Cheese Day?

I did not but I am happy to be celebrating it


Kiddo took her first unassisted steps today. So so funny. Can’t wait to see what tricks she’s up to when I get back from work tomorrow


you better have got the special chow mein, man.

I did. Even before people had voted for it!!!1

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lets go through our orders again shall we:

special chow mein (just chicken if the place looks dodge)
egg fried rice
mini spring rolls bag
prawn crackers

little t tomorrow -

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