Where's the Sunday thread?


Here it is!

Plans? I’m currently settling into my :books: with :coffee:

Might go and see some :mountain_biking_man: later at Crystal Palace but I am pretty shattered so maybe not

Sometimes it’s nice to have no / minimal plans, huh


I really wish I had no plans.

Need to buy groceries for next week, go out for lunch, mark some work, plan some classes, do some laundry and would like to play some computer games too.

Currently drinking coffee and pissing about on the Internet.


Morning! Have woken up with a powerful headache. Off to the seaside today for a dog walk on the beach and hopefully fish and chips, which will hopefully be a good tonic.


Alright PN, Keith and numbers

Nice time with the family yesterday. Left a teething ting there though and O is being a grizzly lady this morning.

My partner is off out for a choir afternoon with the baby, so I may go to the pub. Gonna cook a fat breakfast first.



woke up in seville yesterday, flew home, saw why? last night, woke up in london this morning, train home later for laundry and one night in my own bed before then heading off to manchester for the week on monday morning.

hope everyone’s doing ok :slight_smile:


This is Too Much



today i’m mostly going to try to move as little as possible


…says the woman who cycles 600km for fun


I’m on the train to Hamsterjam for improv.

Just wondering, what deck of the train does this look like to you?


Your t-shirt looks like you.




Close, but it’s not the one


Trains only have one deck… we all know that






you’d think the multi-level train thing would be better suited to a country where everyone isn’t 7 feet tall…


omg imagine



:coffee: :bathtub: :older_woman: :sandwich: :zzz::grey_question: :train2: :slight_smile: :cocktail: :train2: :sleeping_bed:



My grandfather has a brain tumour and probably won’t make it so everything feels bad. :frowning:


Had a few too many slurps of gin and not enough bites of food.

Gonna go the charity furniture shops. Maybe somewhere nice for lunch.