Where's the Sunday thread?


I’m full of pizza. All the cheese + the Twin Peaks I’m going to watch will = some craaazzzyyy dreams (maybe)


Ah yeah I know the one. Reckon I could do Rome’s entire history by the end of the train?

I’m now researching three day cruise to Mexico. Why not eh?


Dunno if the photo does it any justice but it’s simultaneously burnt and completely raw. And it sunk. Very dense and the blueberries made it sour.
Will obviously still eat it


Make a cream cheese icing for that and it’ll be delicious


i once listened to one of his series (think it was rome) exclusively on a 12 hour drive

probably not healthy but managed to keep me occupied


I made some chocolate chip cookies at school once and totally burned them. It was really frustrating cause the white chocolate chips I used were all blackened, but looked like milk / dark chocolate – which looked really appetising but was, obviously, all burned and not so good


i’d eat that

looks decent m9. get some jam or butter or something involved and you’re onto a winner.


I mean, I’ll give it a go but should you be able to completely flatten banana bread just from gripping it?


big, big fan of that plate!


maybe you’re just really strong


Thanks japes, can always rely on your support!


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is on. Absolutely shocking name for a film. Don’t have high hopes for any other aspect of it tbh.


Maybe you’ve invented a new style of cake


She sounds like my ideal train companion :smiley:


She’s probably coming to visit me in Scotland to retrace her ancestral routes so you can come join us.


I couldn’t resist getting absolutely twisted on a long train journey. Love train journeys, love booze. Throw on some albums and look out at the scenery and that’s heaven to me.


thank u kermit for celebrating my cake day


Has the font changed again?


No, think that’s the train delirium setting in.