Where's the Thursday thread?

Here it is!!!

What’s going on? Not much for me as per.

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Hungover. Day off. Nothing to do.

Have a voice mail to listen to (probably solicitor or mortgage related so will need to listen and do soemthing later)


Terrible traffic AGAIN on the way to work. Have people forgotten how to drive? Has all this hot weather driven them to distraction?

Anyway, I’ve got a gig to go to tonight, which is my first gig (not counting Bjork at the Eden Project, because that transcended “gig”) in nearly a month.

WFH this afternoon too, which will be good, because there’s a lot of annoying people in the office today.

Woke up before my alarm went off and thought it was Saturday. Honestly don’t think I’m going to get over that for the rest of the day.

Three people were driving on the wrong side of the road yesterday on my drive home. Three.

Morning PN, all.
My Sunday today so got some errands to run and stuff to do around the house before going out for ol’ Ma Funkhouser’s birthday dinner later. That’s just about all I’ve got.


Were they Audis or BMWs? They seem to be the main culprits for terrible driving on my journeys.


I woke up at seven and drank about a litre of orange juice so I’m wired thanks to all the sugar. Did the wash up from last night in no time at all and now I’m in work. Have to meet the landlord after work to get our dryer fixed. Might be collecting my new glasses too!


One was. This morning I was delayed by an Audi doing 50 the whole way. It’s mostly a 60, but they didn’t slow down for the 40 or 30 stretches either.

Morning. Taking eldest nephew for a day at the seaside. Should probably get out of bed.


It seems that speed limits don’t apply if you have four interlocking circles on your grill.


Morning :wave:

I don’t have much of anything exciting to contribute :thinking: … nope.


Cup of tea anyone?



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Got too many meetings then heading back up to Leeds on the train early afternoon. Dinner with my mum tonight - usually a good exercise in biting my tongue.

Coffee, ta. But not if it’s instant.


Yes please :woman_mage::woman_mage:!

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For you att, only the finest hand ground aeropress wankery will do!

*shuffles off to spend ten minutes grinding coffee*

I really want an electric grinder :smiley:

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Builders are here “finishing off” today. This had better be the last day .

Driving has gone to shit in the heat. I had to beep 2 people on a short journey last night. A taxi driver who doesn’t know how roundabouts work and one of those people who just keep going past a parked car despite traffic (me) coming in the opposite direction.

haha, okay, I’ll need to go dust off the coffee thread for research.