Where's the Wednesday thread?

Is this it?

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If it is…

I’ve got a half day today, and the sun’s out so I’ve got plans for a sea swim before I have to pick Jimbo up from school. Normally I have to squeeze it into my lunch hour, so I’ll be able to be in the water for longer, and dry off in the sun too. Mustn’t relax too much and miss the school run though

Oh wow, that’s late for a morning thread. Hey Rob :wave:

Working away today and then once I clock off I will be packing and preening for going to LONDON tomorrow! WooooOOOOooooooOOOOooooo.

Need to do some research into some things I can do whilst I’m there! :thinking:


That’s what I was thinking. Where is everybody today?


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My sister met a dog at work today.

her name is Dolly.


Wearing rusty red shorts and brown DM boots. Look like a prize plum, couldn’t care

Karma is being weird at the mo.

Good karma last night where I bought 2 expensive culty brand cooking pans but one pot was too big and doesn’t fit anywhere in my kitchen so filed a refund and they’re like “no need to return the pot, gift it to a mate” and gave me the cash back (wtf?!)

Bad karma at 4am where my neighbour buzzed on the door to be let in cause she locked herself out (again!!!) her sister lives a 10 min walk away so don’t get why she doesn’t just leave a key there. She even went to stay at her sisters but only til 4am then sat on her doorstep inside the building til her landlord came at 7am??! Very confusing scenes but I was awake and annoyed after that

Mercury is retrograde :new_moon_with_face:

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Good morning :sleeping:
V hard to peel myself out of bed today. Already wheezing away. On the plus side the kitten aggressively woke me up for breakfast so I think she’s feeling much better :heart:


Of course it’s bloody mercury in retrograde to blame!


And the dog? etc

was a bit overzealous this morning and flung approx 1/3rd of my vanilla choco balls across the room. not only a severely diminished crunch corner experience but i bet i’m going to be finding them for weeks.

i bet you did you, etc.

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I can explain


Getting back from Leeds late then going to see LA Witch with my loveliest pal and another friend we both lived with and haven’t seen in years might be coming too - can’t cope with having such sweet angels together at once.

First though I have to find time to address the fact that last night my living room was the site of some major Exorcist activity.

I’m eyeing up the cheese toastie stall something rotten rn.

Woah it’s warm. Gonna have to be productive so I can have a long sunny park lunch

A scarf? On a day like this?

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Would quite like to hear more about this.

Brenda Edwards has two cats called Tinie and Tempah :smiley: :heart:

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I’m sure you wouldn’t as it involved :face_vomiting: and then in bed later more of the same plus sitting bolt upright now and then to either shake her hands rapidly whilst still sleeping or clicking her fingers with her eyes closed then lying back down like that’s just what people do when they’re ill. Classic childhood possession.