Where's the Wednesday thread?

Just landed in seville :heart_eyes::es:



I’m still feeling like utter shit - still not covid though

Took the day off work, no energy at all. It’s really boring

Please go to my fave ever restaurant (you have to book but you can just email)

Think there’s a newer fancier one but the one in Macerena is where its at.


I was expecting some flying furniture or something but this is considerably more terrifying. Children can be pretty spooky sometimes eh.

Think she must have been hallucinating a bit or in a sleepwalking state and she’s obsessed with learning to click her fingers so the two things merged but when i tried to ask what she was doing she just started humming so i shut up (and dowsed myself in holy water and cried myself to sleep in a corner whilst holding a crucifix)

Good grief. There’s something really scary about people when they’re sleep talking imo.

I think we’re just out the other side of that. Having fingers repeatedly clicked in my face when he finally got it was a real highlight :grimacing:

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Oh no! Hope you feel better in time for the weekend! Get lots of rest x


Fucking hell, 90mins of crying so far. No break. Excellent. Cheers croup

Not me, the baby

But also me



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If he hates your outfit so much, couldn’t you just change?

I do have a very fetching streak of luminous yellow amoxicillin solution on my crisp white t-shirt. He’s probably right, I should change


I got green elastics for my braces, i like it! I wanted purple but they didn’t have it


warm enough for shorts in the park?? methinks so

gonna listen to some YLT while I’m at it

Does anyone know if calling mobiles in other countries is more expensive than calling within the UK, from a mobile, these days?

No idea tbh but calling via WhatsApp should be free I think??

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On the beach with an iced latte and a brownie. The waves are bigger than I was hoping, and it’s that time of year when there’s sea algae, but I’ve come this far and can’t not go for a swim now


Yes it is, but it very much depends on your provider and your contract. A mobile-to-mobile call from the UK to an EU country can range from 9p a minute to 58p a minute.

I use a specialist international call app called Vyke, which means mobile-to-landline calls to the Netherlands are 1.5p per minute, and mobile-to-mobile 3.5p per minute.

It’s just a one off, so I won’t bother with an app or anything. Just going to ask them to call me.

Thanks for the suggestion tho + @kermitwormit