Where's the worst place you've been called out on having your fly undone?

I remember it was undone for the majority of my graduation, but I had a gown so didn’t matter. Nobody called it out.





I have no problem with this. My jeans are always too tight at the moment so the moment my fly is undone I feel unusually comfortable.

Walking home from the theatre once, we were discussing the play, feeling all sophisticated when I noticed that my fly was undone.

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i noticed my fly was undone on sunday just there, for the first time in ~5 years. I was sitting on a hill in a park on my own.


You’d been flashing everyone for five years?

knew someone was going to make that joke but couldn’t be bothered to rephrase it

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You love it.


I’ve cycled five miles to work twice and taken the bus several times and the Tube once so far this year only to get there and find that my fly was undone. No one ever informed me of it.

The corner shop, because I’m in there most days, and on this occasion I had just nipped out for breakfast stuff and was full xyloing it. I cannot imagine the horrors the poor cashier must have seen. I was so embarrassed I thought I could never go back.

But the next day I fancied some Revels and couldn’t be arsed with the 5 minute walk to the next nearest shop, so went back.

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Not quite the same but was sitting in th park the other day chilling out, got home and realised there was a bollock area and size hole in my jeans. I had gone commando that day. Whoops!

Looks like the word “schlong”. I can’t think of a clever way to apply this observation though


Twenty five minutes into a Y7 English class. I couldn’t work out why people kept giggling and didn’t realise until one of the girls told me.

In front of a group of about 100 people in my job as a wedding photographer. The groom called me out.

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