Where's Thursday? It's here.

No thread?

Chai / rain / got to buy Jnr a second birthday cake for nursery later.

No other business. You?

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Been sat around waiting for this before I do loads of work.

Watched Eight Grade last, best film Ive seen at the cinema for ages.

Then went for food at the Flying Duck, menu is smaller but the macaroni is still good. No longer offer the maccarito for max carbs though


I really want to see that, everyone’s banging on about it. Wish there was a soundproof (and free) creche at the cinema!

EDIT: scratch this - there’s actually a daytime showing on Tuesday when I’ve got the day to myself. Woo!


Gonna see Eighth Grade tonight

Need to go vote at some point as well. Two things to vote for here!!!


Not much business from me. Think there’s a team lunch at Bodeans for one of the contractors whose leaving this week. Otherwise just a bog standard work day.

Woo yeah.

Where do you get your chai mix again?

Actually just one - the outkast poll has closed im afraid




Best with the barista version of Oatly.

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WFH. Smashing out some emails between 730 and 9 to demonstrate how ruddy productive I am!

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It’s not until tomorrow, she’s dreading it as I’ve told her once she’s 3 I won’t carry her anymore, and a variety of other baby benefits are being withdrawn. Happy birthday, lol.


Going to go for a haircut and to the post office then do very little for the rest of the day :grinning:

Getting the train to work gives me too much time to daydream. By the time I’m approaching work I have a sudden realisation that I’m at work and it’s awful.

:laughing: it does mean shes old enough to start smoking and drinking cider in the park though right…


I think I need to buy the new set of Royal Mail stamps that are out today. Oh no.


Stuck on the train at cambridge because the doors wont open. Nice one.


WFH today, so I plan to answer some emails, and listen to lots of bands who are playing at the Great Escape next week.

Off to Hamburg in one week! Yeehaw!

Just been told about a job I really, really want. Exactly the kind of thing I want to do, plays to my skill set and experience, and a four minute drive from my house! Don’t quite meet the person spec but very close. Unfortunately closing deadline is midday tomorrow. All I can think about now is getting home and doing the application. Absolute nightmare time for me to get leave approved if I do get offered an interview though :grimacing:

Feel so sick. Never wanted a job this much…


It is a very nice day down south. Got to be productive at work today, hopefully no more HGWTR threads. Going for Turkish food as an office later tonight, now that we are all big time published scientists.