Where's Thursday? It's here.

Good luck WC!!!


Really want to see Eighth Grade but there’s no convenient time for me that it’s screening, annoyingly. Might see Mid90s tomorrer

Morning Scout, everyone,

Had a fun evening with my little sister yesterday, listening to music, chatting and watching First Dates. Don’t think anyone except @Avery makes me laugh as much as my sisters :purple_heart:

Just popped into the polling station on the way back from the doctors. Only one woman on the ballot, I almost voted for her (Green Party) but thought ‘fuck the Torys’ and voted Labour.
Our voting system sucks.

Almost long weekend time, fellow office workers! :raised_hands:
Have a great day.


Morning! Ran home from work last night which is a very nice route and a good distance (12-13k I think, Strava fucked up a bit)


Still suffering from INNER THIGH CHAFFING. It was so bad it kept me awake last night
Gonna buy some proper run wanker pants and shorts now. That’s it.


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I feel dismay when it comes to elections cause I know this constituency is going to vote Tory again

Absolutely no idea why (lot of oldies, maybe?)

Our MP is one of those embarrassing sub-Boris “oh I’m quirky in a way that thinly veils how much of an awful person I am” types as well

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Saw A Place To Bury Strangers last night. Very good.

Woke up early this morning, voted and then got to work and the finance system is down which is a pisser.

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Yes! You broke capitalism


oh yay Eighth Grade will be showing at the end of the month in the cinema next to where I work





Eighth Grade is great, Mid90s equally good. See em all guys.

No elections up this way.

Lol put off some work for weeks for no good reason and now it’s caught up with me and it feels like it’ll be an awful few days (:

Morning all.

It’s 10am, I’ve had a bowl of cereal, four (4) slices of toast and done zero work. I think I might be ready to start the day.

…give it another 15 minutes maybe.

Hope you’re all well.


Morning mates
Gotta speak to a solicitor today about stuff to do with my nanna, then book some more flat viewings. Dunno who trusted me to do all this adult stuff, I had a bowl of baked beans for dinner and sniffed the armpit of my jumper to see if I could get away with another day’s wear. Good grief


Argh I am so jealous you’re seeing Press Club! I’ve got to wait until Reading Festival :frowning:

ps. have fun! :slight_smile:

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Guys it’s a bank holiday this weekend - I didn’t even realise till just now :confetti_ball::tada::balloon::confetti_ball::tada::balloon::tada::confetti_ball:


you up to owt?

Happy Birthday jnr

I’m at the business end of stage 2 of my project and I can’t do what I need to do in the office with our “activity-based, open office landscape” - I need a closed door and a wall to pin things up on so I can be all;

Weirdly, because of building work going on around under our apartment (they’re drilling out the mountain to widen the train line, increase capacity on an underground sewage works etc etc) we have been given keys to a 4 room temporary apartment where I am now going to set up shop for the next 3 weeks to get this report done

strange serendipity, feels very odd being here though

also, thanks to midweek bank holidays I’m still on this strange week;
Monday - Monday
Tuesday - Friday
Wednesday - Sunday
Thursday - Monday
Friday - Friday


Probably just trying to get my life back in order :woman_shrugging: You?

^this… taking my bike to the shop, a few small bits of DIY…

got some friends round for board games Friday.

oh gonna run 18km and do some holiday planning

This spare apartment scenario feels like a thriller where the police discover a storage unit that’s being used a shrine.

Where bouts you holidaying?