Where's Thursday? It's here.

err, what?

Maybe I’ve watched too many scandi noirs.

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off to cornwall next week for 4 days
then (I may have mentioned) mexico city/peru… need to sort last bits of accommodation and maybe another short trip or day trips around mexico somewhere


Ooh cool Peru, are you doing the Inca trail?

yeah… into lima for a couple of days, cusco, inca trail and Iquitos for a rainforest tour


Brilliant, post lots of photos please.

I need to plan a holiday too but too many options!

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:smiley: ill try

wheres on the list?


it’s not that sort of a place though - it’s a brand new, purpose built sort of modular home/bungalow/prefab/portakabin kind of thing

I could do a ‘DiSsers through the keyhole’



Alaska, Patagonia, Costa Rica, Botswana, Sri Lanka (was but not anymore sadly)

oooh Patagonia is on my list. and sri lanka :frowning:

lots of variety to had at there though :slight_smile:

Yeah might just take another six months off and do then all :smiley:

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Lots of holiday pics please, let’s all live vicariously through you!
We went to Mexico in January, travelled around the Yucatan Peninsula. I’d really like to go to Mexico City too but also I enjoyed some of the places we went to so much I’d like to go back. I’m a little nervous about how busy and big Mexico City will be. But the food will be different and I want to explore that. Hmm.
Would love to go to Peru too.

This post is just me waffling, sorry.


Had a horrible morning - Misty got out the front door and ran off. It was only because my neighbour happened to be walking by with a bag of chicken raiders (lol) that we managed to catch her. Fucking hell.

Then we had to pack up the car to go to the caravan so I’ve not had a chance to vote. Would have been a dead vote anyway in this Tory hellscape

Still feel sick :cry:

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With a time travel freezer?

Brilliant! Have a great time. Inca Trail was one of my all-time life highlights

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Aww mate that’s horrid sending love xx


Sorry, that’s all a bit shit, but this did make me chuckle.

Hope it gets better from here


oh shit sorry, wasn’t clear its not until September I go :sweat: hence the planning.

might ruin filth threads by making them into HGIIR