Where's Wednesday evening thread?

I just want to tell you all I’m really excited about dinner tonight!

What are you up to this evening? What’s for dinner?


Shepherd’s Pie (no pic yummy tho)

Being a vinyl wanker


Gonna have some ravioli, with some reduced pasta sauce that I found in the posh supermarket. Actually the ravioli might also have been reduced!?

I’m hooked on thos tv shows about the lives and times of the Tudors and them atm. Not the show The Tudors, but seen The White Princess and am now on The Spanish Princess. Avsolutely awful Spanish accents going around obviously, but otherwise fun. (I’m working with a very serious docentary film festival currently so it’s quite nice to have something sliiiightly less serious to relax with).

Looks like it’s just gonna keep snowing and snowing and snowing for the next xouple of days, but at least with slightly less wind. :cloud_with_snow::cloud_with_snow::cloud_with_snow:

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I’m sitting on the sofa with a mcrowave heat pack and starting to knit this

Mine is going to be purple


Dinner was mac cheese with a bit of leftover Christmas ham* chopped in.

I’m feeling really glum for no reason :frowning:

* it’s been in the freezer, as opposed to sitting in our fridge for the best part of a fortnight

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This was lunch.

Dinner shortly will be salmon, new potatoes and Brussels done in the… Guess what… Air fryer.


Omg! Saved that one on my wishlist ages ago. Looks so pretty! Excited to see yours :purple_circle:


Did my one day week, what a trooper

Back to parents for a couple days of bonus Christmas and time with le chat, just finishing up reading Florida on the bus home rn

Unsure of dinner but it will be made my mama JP and likely be veggie and definitely be tasty. Gonna have to chat to her friend who’s staying over, who I’ve known forever and like a good amount, but I think has gone a bit anti vax so … we’ll see

Might … beer

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Evening vgn pizza from sainos pizza counter for me

Want to finish this ‘part’ of my book about 70 pages and last 2 episodes of tutti Frutti.

Might have a monkey shoulder and ginger ale, as need to use up the ginger ale as no point carting back to glasgow

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Had fajitas for dinner. Was meant to be roast chicken + sweet potato chips but I lost track of time due to xboxing.

Will be finding a perfectly legal means of watching my football team lose in a little while. Got a 12% beer in the fridge that I’ve been putting off drinking for the last couple of weeks - tonight might be the night.


Evening all!

I did no marking and spent all day playing computer games. No regrets (until tomorrow when I really need to do some marking). I also booked The Child into swimming lessons like a responsible parent.

I contributed to making a lasagne at tea time - I forgot to buy tinned tomatoes so improvised a quorn ragu with tomato paste, real tomatoes and some DF cream cheese. Wor Lass did the actual construction of the meal:

Very tasty if I do say so myself.


Overslept this morning. Not sure what’s going on with my alarm but when I woke up it was snoozing although I have recollection of touching it. Made for a slow start to the day.
Did some yoga after work and have left over curry for dinner. So that’s good.

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made some curry from leftover roast chicken - was fucking peng, mate. also recently discovered geeta’s chutneys. used to dislike chutney before, but I bloody love it now. the lime one especially.

this photo of a 20 yr old me came up on my facebook memories thing today and spent a good 5 mins laughing at it. the pose and smugness. small cigarette. christ.


Might watch The Menu on Disney and drink a couple of herbal teas

Chicken tikka masala and pilau rice with picky sides (veg pakora, samosa and bhaji). Maybe some Quality Street for pudding like


Did you tip the plate over before taking the pic? :wink::joy:

Hope it was tasty!


Not sure I ever looked that cool in my life, fuck off


Very enjoyable and silly (made me hungry though)