where's your ideal seat in the cinema?

back row for a bit of heavy petting?

front row so you can get a good view?

i normally try and sit in the back couple of rows near the end of the aisle, ideally in a section that isn’t part of the main row to reduce the need to move for other people coming in/going for a pish midway through the film

Always book the row directly behind the posh leather seats and the two seats closest to the aisle on that row (on the central edge if in the big screens (4,5,9,10)

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an excellent choice tone

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Thank you very much.


(FWIW my favourite seats are E10 and E11 in Screen 6)

Wherever it is, as long as I can put my feet up on the back of the chair in front and play some Candy Crush while I’m watching, I’m happy


Very back or second row from the back, left hand side

you absolute monster

Dead centre. Surely the best seats?

During one of the films I saw this week there were two (2) separate, non-whispered threats to a person behind another person for kicking the seat. One of the people said “That’s the sixth time you’ve kicked my seat, if there’s a seventh you and me will be talking” and I found that funny because he was already talking


Did you point that out or just continue kicking?


(If you’re interested the person moaning was in G4 and the kicker was in H4 of Screen 1)


Dead centre, about two thirds of the way back.


In the middle, halfway back, in a private or empty screen, by myself.

Sitting on the steps eh?

2nd row from back on the aisle seat is where I go on daytime cinema trips.

As far the fuck away from everyone and anyone else


At home


Am presuming there are two aisles

I dashed out to find a staff member and warned them of escalating violence (I didn’t really, however I did have to duck out and tell a staff member that the lights were still on during a second film that day (Screen 4 seats M18 and 19))

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