Where's your seat on the bus?

Top deck, 4th row back on the left, window.

Wbu? Backseat badboy? Front seat bus driving childperson?


Downstairs, pavement side, double seats by the back. Always paranoid a car might ram into the bus so avoid the street side, a car skidded out of control and nearly hit me a couple years back and it was so scary, literally thought that was the end


Wherever there’s extra legroom, second row back normally.


I only ever take a bus when I am with my partner so defer to her preferences in these matters. She enjoys to sit on the top deck in the seats directly behind the stairwell

Right now, second from front. Couldn’t be arsed going any further back with a big bag.

Top deck, 2nd row on the left, window.


Top deck, left hand window seat about 2/3 back

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Top deck front seat is the only way to go. Lord and master of all you survey. King of the road.


I would do, but I have long legs and struggle with leg room in the front row. Second row seems to be the best for leg room on the top deck.

Top deck somewhere in the front half, but usually either on the left a couple of rows back from the stairs, or right at the front.

More like king of the choade!


Yep. Can also pretend you’re the driver but elevated. Can’t believe people wouldn’t want to be at the front.

Vrrrroooom vrrrrooooom

usually top deck, a couple of rows back from the stairs on the left

unless there’s bigger boys, in which I stay downstairs

Quite clearly a coach and not a bus

I like the raised seats above the wheels on the lower decks of busses.

On old busses in the UK they used to squeeze one seat directly behind the driver. A weird sort of cabin seat. You don’t see them any more. Garlic bread.


A few years back I caught the bus across The Andes and was recommended to sit top deck front for the view. It was fucking terrifying - careering around barrier-less switchbacks at 5,000 metres where your seat is almost literally hanging over the edge was horrifying. I spend the whole journey on the verge of a panic attack :+1:


All coaches are buses but not all buses are coaches :woman_shrugging:

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Went on a bus journey along a similar road to that in Montenegro. If you weren’t scared enough by the hairpins there were helpful wrecks of cars all over the place that had gone off the road.

Top deck behind the stairwell (get a tiny bit more legroom and I can sometimes see if my connecting bus is coming).
Front left, top deck can be quite alarming as there are quite a few trees on my route and the low branches smash against the glass when they’re heavy with rain