Where's your seat on the bus?

I drove the Transfăgărășan Highway myself in Transylvanian back in the 00s - that was similarly littered with wrecked cars/wagons/animal skeletons :scream: I hated every minute :smiley:

Different seats for different needs

  • when carrying shopping: lower deck backseat on the left
  • on the new Routemaster*: upper deck back seat on the left
  • short journey (< 4 stops): standing opposite the exit doors
  • longer journey: top deck front seat on the left
  • single decker: back seat on the right

*) always use the back stairs, but now that they’ve stopped using them and you must go past the driver at the front a new approach may be required


Oh here we go

Top deck, nearish the back. Side will depend on where the sun is coming from and whether I’ve got knitting with me - having the seat free on my right is ideal (not essential if it gets busy)

I’m having mad deja vu about the whole coach vs bus thing. We’ve been here before haven’t we ?!

Haven’t been on a bus in years. Nor a coach I don’t think. Last time I was on a coach the National Express driver tailgated cars all the way down the M4 from London to Cardiff. Never again…

Most likely

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On my own:

  • Double decker bus: Upstairs front seat on the right hand side.
  • City bus: Back seat on the right hand side.
  • Coach: Back seat on the right hand side (So I can have a sneaky can.)

With my GF:

  • Double decker bus: upstairs, sitting behind the stairwell.
  • City bus: Back seat on the right hand side.
  • Coach: Front seat on the left hand side.

if i do have to get on a bus i sit at the back because my legs are too long for the “normal” seats

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Top deck, about three or four from the back if possible. Left side window, yes. Best views isn’t it.

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I haven’t been on a bus since 2012 so I have no idea. This area is not well supplied with public transport.

In this country I have been on about ten buses in my life I reckon. Train/car territory.

I used to get buses all the time when I lived in Birmingham, which actually has a functioning public transport network. Here, I’ve actually given up in the past after waiting an hour for one to turn up (they’re supposed to be every 20 minutes or something but the drivers seem to make up their own routes and just not bother coming here sometimes).

There is a bus stop at my work that has just one bus at 6am and another at 10pm. What’s even the point?

I imagine you being the type who had a souped up mazda by the time you were 17

We have a handful of buses (or maybe just one bus that I’ve been on a few times) here with one little sideways seat behind the driver yeah. I’ve never sat in it, I imagine everyone would look at me (probably because that’s what I do to the people who sit there)

I like the front seat at the top because I feel least anxious there, less conscious of all the people

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Upstairs driver.
It has the most legroom as well as view.

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backseat posse

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Top deck, right side, first row behind the stairs.