Whetstone thread



Before we get started I have absolutely no interest in any other devices you may have to sharpen blades. None whatsoever. Thank you.

Do you have a whetstone? How do you get on with it?

Knife Thread

I do not


Thank you for a small slice of your valuable time


Yeah, mine works a treat, thanks for asking


my mam bought a sharpening rod and it doesn’t work


Totteridge man myself, lonzy

(I do not have a whetstone)


You are an utter cunt.


Last time I leave a sincere reply in one of your threads. Very rude


Yeah, I have an iron and they are for honing rather than sharpening… which I think I just about understand… sort of.


Bang out there mate, you’ve got your answer and you’re trying to mug him off!


I just cut everything with scissors now.


Never thought to myself oh could do with a sharper knife
What’re you hacking at, frozen antlers?


They get blunt over time. I have some new knives and I don’t want this to happen.

I am slightly scared that I may fuck them up on a whetstone but I can always practice on my old ones.


you are a nob


nointerestinofftopic is quite an unwieldy thread tag pal.


I think I will use it often (don’t change your post to bum dildos or something)


I’ve got one. I don’t use it. I have worked in Whetstone though. It’s in Leicester. Look it up if you don’t believe me.


I wouldn’t dream of it!


TBH I think LARPing with a properly sharp metal sword is pretty dangerous. Just stick to a latex one like the rest of the guys.


blank reply