Whetstone thread



Got a whetstone yesterday. Practiced on a couple of small shitish knives. Was reasonably successful.

Thank you.

I would have thought that being a vegetarian means it’s less important to have sharp knives.

Some veg is pretty tough

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True but you don’t need to be that precise.

Aussie Masterchef chat later? Let me know.

I’ve been watching it but while doing other stuff(not wanking).

Hate that Mohicaned Anna nobend chef. Anna’s Mess. Stop fucking about and make some decent food you prick.

oh man thought this was going to be a (long overdue) thread about N20.

anyone up for a Whetstone N20 chat? that B&Q eh? Used to think it was massive when I was young, little did I know what the world of out of town retail had coming for me over the next 15 years!

Keep meaning to try the Haven by $$$
Tootoomoo is different and welcome

i’m sorry i can only really help with Whetstone of 15-25 years ago chat. what are these places? I think the whole place is just cafes now? It used to be even worse.

Yep, all cafés on the High Road.

Er, did you enjoy Clown town then?

What do you think of the 30mph limit on Tot. Lane? Feels slow to me?

I WORKED in clown town (for 2 weeks).

My job was to stand at the top of the slide and blow a whistle if any kids threw balls or tried to climb up the slide.

That B&Q’s closed and been demolished.


In the market for a whetstone. Is it best to get one all-round grade or two separate whetstones for the ultimate sharpness?


Mine has one grade on one side and one on the other. I use the coarser grade first and then flip reverse it to the finer for my honing needs.

lIke a whetstone cowboy


Do you have a separate rod (hur) for honing? Sorry to ask this in the whetstone thread but you didn’t start a honing thread yet

Do you remember the grades of your two sides?

There is quite the whetstone community on youtube fyi

I do have a rod but I haven’t used it since I got the stone I don’t think. Maybe I should. I have been a bit slack because my wife moved the stone and then we couldn’t find it so I just started using the older knives but then we found it again.