Which actor has the biggest gap between their best and worst film?

Robert De Niro went from Godfather Part Two to Little Fockers. That’s quite some gap.

Are there any actors who haven’t done at least one film that’s total guff?

Which one is bad in this situation?

Rob Schneider?

Dirty Grampa was even more recent and (by all accounts) even worse.

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John Cazale is the common answer for that. Unfortunately that’s probably because he never got the chance to.


Sylvester Stallone. Rambo 1>>>>>>> Rambo 2

yeah and there is something called The Intern on Amazon prime which looks about as shit as shit can be

Reckon shortest gap between best and worst is a more interesting question actually, loads of actors turn up in any old shit at the very end of their careers.

Has Meryl ever dropped a real stinker? Hanksy boy?

Hanks is in the Dan Brown films


They are watchable action / thrillers.

reckon it’s probably someone like eric roberts who was in some semi-decent films at some point and now appears in 50 straight to syfy channel films a year

They’re like 3/10 if you’re being generous (haven’t seen the most recent one, and barely remember the second one)

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Micheal Cane’s filmography is wonderfully erratic

In 1986 both Mona Lisa and Hannah and Her Sisters were released

In 1987 he was in Jaws the Revenge (which I saw at the cinema fact fans)

In 1988 he released Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (which is excellent in case you don’t know)

I’m not even mentioning all the films he made around that time that I’ve not heard of - I will assume they are all terrible

Probably Brando.

Best - take your pick
Worst - take your pick from any of his later work for $$$ but probably The Island Of Dr Moreau

Most consistent - maybe Paul Newman? Was excellent in everything right up to the end :+1:

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I watched a documentary on the making of Moreau… looks genuinely off the wall, but I don’t think I could sit through the actual thing.

Nah, Ronnie Howard makes very functional films for watching on planes.

it’s probably nic cage isn’t it

Paul Newman was a 100% class act

Can we reopen the crush thread?