Which actor has the biggest gap between their best and worst film?

Come on m9, Piranha 2 isn’t THAT much better than Aliens tbh tbf…

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Yeah I grew to love Alien 3, despite all the behind the scenes issues it’s still a good film and I don’t think Fincher’s Assembly Cut is better, bar a scene or two.

I think what was difficult at the time is that it doesn’t have some of the things that made the second film great - only one alien and no guns or space marines. It was really hard to adjust to a sequel which was basically chasing one alien around some corridors, it felt like a step backwards.

Any talk of it being better than the second one has got to be trolling though.

Flying piranhas mate

Mamma mia? Although I guess that’s arguable…

no these people are sincere, the usual line is that ‘Aliens was a gung-ho action film and Alien films are supposed to be horror’, which allows them to ignore how unimaginative the final third of 3 is, not to mention that Aliens, despite being action genre technically, has moments of horror that work as effectively as any more conventional horror film, especially the first time you watch it.

Ricky Gervais

Cemetery Junction to Life On The Road

‘Alien films are supposed to be horror’ seems a pretty spurious argument when you’re talking about a film which, at the time, was only the second of two.

And I would have thought that the only real objective of a film is to be good, regardless of what the genre is.

I like Alien 3 but I do not wish to be in a room with any of those people.

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