Which are your fav social networks/forums/others?


If these count…

In order:

DiS (yea)

twitter three years ago


I like community.drownedinsound.com, Twitter and Facebook (to a much lesser extent)


Id have to say the best of facebook


regional subs on Reddit are ok, but the default subs have gone to/always been very shit. I actually saw a someone trying to defend PWR BTTM because ‘it’s all just conjecture man!!!’

So I guess it’s just on here and a cat group on Facebook


I really like Tumblr.


based on me actually going on them, i like

this place
the Football Manager forums
the Simpsons Shitposting group on Facebook, but no other parts of Facebook


I’m not even on Facebook.

With twitter I’m trying to thin out who I follow. I don’t know if it’s gotten worse or I’m less forgiving of it, but so much of it grates on me now - everything that everyone posts seems to be some kind of posturing, desperate attempts at getting retweeted, or people bizarrely issuing statements on every event that happens as if they’re a world leader. I find it really odd. Just try to follow some record labels and bands etc now, don’t want to miss record/tour announcements, anything beyond that can fuck off.


reddit (specifically r/nba, r/thesimpsons, r/london)

that’s it for me, clive.


Only use here. Anyone on Reddit or tumblr is clearly unemployed.


The usual - 4chan, 8chan, stormfront, and therightstuff.biz


This place

More or less given up on posting on Instagram (though I still browse/stalk)

bandcamp & SoundCloud count as social networks I suppose so there’s them



the usual


not like you to do a tenuous JAG


Just here and facebook really, occasional twitter lurking.


Not like you to get sand in your bum-crack about it




Avforums steelbook section


Didn’t know you made music?


Other than this, goodreads, Twitter, Instagram and tumblr. Don’t have any active accounts I just like to read and look tbh


Keeps it quiet tbh.