Which artists could potentially make a good film/tv score?

Three of my favourite soundtrack albums of recent years happen to be by three of my favourite artists:
Clark - The Last Panthers
Ben Frost - Fortitude
Mogwai - Les Revenants

Which artists do you think could make a great score?
I’m gonna start this thread off with Aphex Twin. Whatta film score he could make right?!

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Grails absolutely could. It’s kind of ridiculous they haven’t been commissioned to do one yet.


Timber Timbre. I’d watch that.

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-Kamasi Washington

-Pause / Rounds era Four Tet

-Mark Kozelek as the narrator on a film / TV series

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Blanck Mass - (kind of already has, but not properly)

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Has Actress done one?

Yer other man from Fuck Buttons’s soundtrack to The Greasy Strangler is aces. Rubbish film though.

Came in to say Tim Hecker but then checked and he has one film score credit to his name.

Zombie Zombie?

Zombie Zombie have done two which are both worth checking out:


Seeing Factory Floor perform a score for Metropolis on Friday so will let you know how that turns out…

Boards of Canada



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Forest Swords
Flying Lotus (he’s sort of done one already but think he could do an interesting one for a TV show or someting)


Burial would be a great choice and Forest swords.

I know Geoff Barrow has done some great soundtrack work but a Portishead soundtrack to a dark thriller would be immense.

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It’s largely samples from old film scores anyway (and Isaac Hayes), so yes, this would definitely be brilliant.

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Ela Orleans - think she is doing a live performance for Vampyre sometime soon and she worked on the score for Zodiac with David Shire but think she would be perfect for a full movie score or even a HBO style tv series.
+1 for Grouper.
Oh yeah and Daniel Knox - he studied film, takes wonderful photographs and works as a film projectionist (and I think also film programmer) so is really knowledgable, and has done a lot of music for stage productions.

Cold, cold heart could totally slay a soundtrack.

Haxan Cloak
Roly Porter

This thread is basically made for Tri - Angle Records artists

Haxan Cloak has done one:

Roly Porter’s music already feels like a sci fi score so definitely could see it.