Which artists could potentially make a good film/tv score?

Good point, forgot about Almost Holy. Although it would be great to hear an OST that was MORE Haxan Cloak-y.

Somebody would basically just need to make a film based around Porter’s ‘Lifecycle of a Massive Star’ and we’d be pretty much good to go.

Aaron Turner could be an interesting one, quite a lot of his work (thinking Mammifer, House of Low Culture and Greymachine) often has quite a cinematic feel to it.

To continue the Tri Angle theme Vessel as in Serge Gainsbourg

Stephen O’Malley I think has done some soundtrack stuff before but not specifically a film/TV score.

What was the film Tim Hecker scored? If it isn’t a dystopian thriller (a la Blade Runner) then his potential is still very much untapped.

he’s done a few iirc

The last one was a sort of indie drama thing called The Free World

Just googled it. Pretty much universally panned. Watched the trailer too and, from the brief examples I heard, it sounded like fairly by the numbers soundtrack stuff.

If LC! did a whole load of tracks like this, it would make a good score, I think





I think lacuur - zone87 could make a good TV score

I’ve always thought Talk Symmetry would make for a good OST, always been good on the atmospherics Stream Find My Way - Featuring Lynsey McConnell by Talk Symmetry | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Same goes for a group called Fractions (sadly not active anymore) between these two you’ve got a hell of a blade runner reboot haha

Factory Floor didn’t disappoint. I really hope that they release a recording of this!

Was listening to These new Puritans today. They could do a great film score for a film set in the 16th century!

Anna Meredith, Julianna Barwick, Gold Panda, probably most post rock bands

Mark Hollis

Mutoid Man

I love the soundtracks of Adam Curtis docu-films like HyperNormalisation and Bitter Lake.

Littered with Burial and other electronic oddities.

The Last Panthers OST previously mentioned is a beaut.

Mark McGuire

Richard Skelton.
Epic 45.