Which band/artist do you not understand the LACK of love for?

They have a place in my heart as they supported Twilight Sad at the only gig I ever got a guestlist spot for reviewing. Never listened to any of their records since right enough!

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I’ll never understand the lack of love for Counting Crows. It seems as if they’re generally considered a joke here and elsewhere, but from 1993-2002 especially Adam Duritz was an incredible songwriter, really one of the best there ever was. For a forum that overall loves Elliott Smith, The National, Phoebe Bridgers, and other emotionally exhausting music., it’s pretty surprising they’re not loved too.

One of the most perfect songs ever written, closing a truly perfect album:

I love how this one ebbs and flows, and then how he hits you with increasingly direct lines before the final Blackstar-ish build.

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Man’s a living legend.

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Big albums sales and still play big venues though surely?

I’ll also never understand how the Burning Brides never got massive during the time when the Strokes got big. They were actually exciting and drew so well from their metal influences. They had so many great moments of riff stacking that served the purpose of the song. Ridiculous live band too.

What an outro:

What a bridge:

I love how those riffs come in during the second half and send the song sprinting away:

Also, the first album has such a great snare sound, listen to the outro for this one:

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I think so, but I get the sense they’re very much not respected in the music world. You bring them up to most people and they think they’re bland coffee-shop rock.

Fair dos but surely the sales figures and big shows prove that there is a lot of love for them. Maybe not on Dis sure but millions of people have bought their records.
The actual tragedies are the folks who struggle to even get records out and tour or for one reason or another don’t get any attention despite being amazing.


I don’t love post-Blood Mountain Mastodon, I can’t think of any other bands to be honest

Also, no need for anyone to reply to this one, but just so I get it out there without going off in the other thread, The Smashing Pumpkins. They should get the praise and respect that bands like The Beatles and Radiohead do. The most beautiful, magical, brilliant, emotionally-resonant discography there ever was. I’m not exaggerating at all when I say they’re a primary reason to live.


Oh yeah, definitely more tragic cases, he’s doing very well for himself it seems. I just don’t get why there’s such a backlash to them.

Fwiw counting crows aren’t worthy of my ire. They exist and that’s it to me tbh. Happy that you’re happy of course.
All joking aside SP are fine also and I like a fair bit by them. Again, happy you’re happy.




Kathryn Joseph (outside of Scotland) - come on folks she’s brilliant ffs!


Any band I have been in*

*The I here is whoever is reading this


Nah they had their moment :wink:

predictable answer from me but Unwound & Self Defense Family


Black Foxxes

Chastity Belt don’t seem to have many fans on here - not sure how popular they are in the real world.

The Spielbergs: who get a fair amount of love on here but I’ve seen them live twice and the first time there were about 35 folk there and the second maybe about 30, so they’re getting less popular.




The Twilight Sad should be a bit more out there.