Which beautiful painting are you


On google arts and culture?




I’m portrait of a man

and portrait of a man possibly the sc

This is the Friday selfie thread.


please. someone else do one I can’t be alone in this



I did it a few times and got this as the number 1 result each time

it’s woman’s face by chang hong ahn


You look melancholy


I’m not 100% convinced I look like that but I guess I’ll let the algorithms decide

this one was also pretty high up several times! I definitely do not look like this




Nailed it tbf.

Edit, the profile one is…good too.


that’s a nice match



Missing a huge feature of my face there guys


the top half is perfect though. I can’t believe it got your curl that’s incredible


Don’t know how to do it but it would probably be


are you normally this naked?

just download the google arts and culture app, it’s incredibly easy. I assume google now owns all images of my face now though


I mean, :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


No, just feeling very full after curry and doughnuts



I’ll take the young woman bit


very respectable imo

most of mine aren’t the correct gender but I’m taking that as a compliment (thanks google)


What are the chances this is just Google trying to collect photos from us for their data recognition software?

#makeuthink #TinFoilHat