Which celebrity passport did I handle today?

So I work for HMPO and my office was awestruck when they found out that a certain passport, and supporting documents, had landed on my desk.

But whose passport was it?

HM The Queen Liz 2?

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Royalty of a type.

Wrong sex though.

James Alexander Philip Theo Mountbatten-Windsor


I like the way you think, but no.

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Royalty of a kind, yes, but alas no.

Man, I would get fired so fast if I posted a thread like this about a client.


If I was to post an image of said passport and documents, hell yes. But just stating a name, no.

I mean I don’t think it’s a secret that everyone in the country must have a valid passport

edit: lol. doing well today ain’t i

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David Attenborough

Jenny Agutter

David Beckham. Football royalty.

Ricky Tomlinson

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Liam Payne

Prince Harry?

Mike Judge

You’re in the right ballpark, but no.

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Wrong sex, but no doubt about it, she’s royalty.

Office would have gone bananas had his passport cropped up.


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