Which chaser would you want to face

  • The Beast
  • The Dark Destroyer
  • The Vixen
  • The Sinnerman
  • The Governness
  • The Menace

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The Sinnerman and Vixen seem the best people and probably a good laugh, gone the Dark Destroyer cause he’s the easiest to beat

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The vixen because I’m a bit of a vixen myself

Absolutely wild that they called the one black chaser the Dark Destroyer and stuck with it


Any of them apart from that creepy one.

Bradley Walsh came up with that.

In a fight?

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I fancy the Vixen so her. Probably not the best strategy for getting the £££ though.

Hate The Chase. Bad vibes.

You like alliteration, fucking off you fuck then

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The one who married his cousin.

quite like Paul Sinha and have been to see him live so i’d go for him

Would like to play Darragh he’s like a cold calculated killer and I want to beat him in a quiz

I block any and all chasers the second they’re in my dms


Vixen or Dark Destroyer seem easiest. Choosing Vixen for slightly superior patter. Would take any on fairly happily though.

Love this video


Tbe bit where he does the impression of the English child is top drawer.


Looook at that aw fuck offfff

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The beast was one of my mates maths teacher at school and says he was always giving the boys advice on how to treat women properly

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