Which Children's Book or TV characters do you think would cross the picket line?

Reckon Rupert the Bear would.

Was thinking Daniel Tiger might, but actually when it came to it, with his strong moral compass, would stand firm alongside his fellow workers.

Sooty and Sweep wouldn’t (imagine they would barely turn up to work at the best of times), but Sue would be straight into work and love it.

Any others?


Bing would


Paw Patrol would be right in there cracking skulls


Tintin’s there just because. Ends up in a biplane for old time’s.

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Think some of Paw Patrol would.
Don’t think Rubble would but Chase absolutely would

Peppa Pig is head of the union and calling people scabs through a megaphone


think Paddington would stand with the workers. Or just not really understand what was going on and just go in, mainly for the canteen.


Reckon Zouma is the only decent one in Paw Partol. Rest are dickheads god I hate that tv show.

Also Blippi would be over the Picket Line the shit.

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George is a proud Scab, though.

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That’s my thinking. He won’t understand and would cross purely because of his naivety and loyalty. Plus marmalade

This has done me

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Scooter, Sam Eagle, Chip

Actually Miss Piggy would too she doesn’t give a fuck about anyone but herself

His shit is the picket line

Igglepiggle - Scab
Upsy Daisy - Scab
Makka Pakka - Safe
Tombliboo Unn and Eee - Scabs
Tombliboo Ooo - Safe
Wottingers - Scabs
Pontipines - Safe

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For all her campaign groups, Hermione Grainger would cross a picket line if the teachers were striking.

Snoopy is a scab.

All the bigger engines would be across and supporting the Controller in a heartbeat. Reckon the smaller engines would show solidarity. Good chance Thomas would last a couple of days then cross to keep on the Man’s good side.

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Reckon Postman Pat and Fireman Sam would prioritise doing their jobs over the struggle of their fellow workers.

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