Which cities have you spent most of the time in (UK version)?

If you’re not well travelled like me or if you are or whatever - which 3 cities in the UK have you spent the most time in?

For me:

  1. Newcastle (I live here)
  2. Edinburgh (it’s proper nice)
  3. Leeds (friends there)
  1. Glasgow
  2. Cambridge
  3. Oxford

I dunno, fuckin’ Truro or some shit?

  1. Oxford
  2. London
  3. Newcastle

Actually Oxford if that counts.

Sheffield or Manchester, not really sure

I have lived in four cities in the UK in my life, in order,

I also spent many months in Derry over a 3 year period to the extent I sometimes felt like I lived there.

I did not grow up in a city, I no longer live in a city. I will maybe live in a city again one day although I suspect not as I like the country more.

trying to work out which of those 4 cities I lived in the least. I was only in Oxford for term time, over four years, so that works out about two years which makes it equal with Manchester.
I feel like I have unfinished business with Manchester however and with hindsight maybe left before I was quite ready. Maybe one day.

This, but replace Leam with Birmingham (cities only). Spent more time in Leamington than any of those though.

Bristol (Born/Uni)
London (Spending weekends there over the last decade, gigs etc)
Southampton (In-laws)

I have lived in London, Leeds, Leicester and Sheffield. However my order in terms of time is probably:

  1. Sheffield
  2. London
  3. Manchester

Brighton & Hove
No notable third city

  1. Oxford
  2. Glasgow
  3. London

Standard DiS trifecta

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  1. Rochester (live there)
  2. London (work there)
  3. Hull (Uni-ed there)
  1. Liverpool
  2. London
  3. Birmingham

Sheffield 10 years
London 7 years
Manchester 5 years


that’s 5 ~(the extra 2 are a little pressy for you)

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Rather famously, and hilariously, Rochester is no longer a city.

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Plymouth (born there, nearest city to where I grew up, lived there for a bit last year)
Bath (lived there 2004-2017)
Probably Brighton next due to going to visit family friends a lot when I was young. That or Exeter.