Which cities have you spent most of the time in (UK version)?

  1. London (lived here since 2007)
  2. Newcastle (lived there 1997-2007)
  3. Cambridge (grew up nearish there, and family live there now, so visit it a fair bit)


Dunno, in Shrugsshouldershire

  1. Edinburgh
  2. Glasgow
  3. London


  1. London
  2. Edinburgh
  3. Minehead

Oh, if Camber Sands counts then that.

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York maybe?

  1. Edinburgh (grew up just outside the city, lived here 2003-2008, and 2013 to now)
  2. York (lived there 2008-2012)
  3. London (numerous visits over several years just 'cos).

Manchester (nearest home/work here)
Truro (lot of family holidays to Cornwall at Easter and half nearly always included a visit to Truro)
York (had mates living there during uni years plus went there quite a bit with my parents as a kid)

It will always be a city in my eyes (stupid paperwork!)

  1. Nottingham (grew up and went to uni there)
  2. Leeds (live here)
  3. Manchester (lots of gigs)