Which city in the world has the cheapest cannabis – and the most expensive? (NO NARCS ITT)

What you paying for a gramme?

Anonymous Poll - pick closest number in £s for a gramme.

If you’re still buying in imperial measurements then divide the cost for an 1/8 by 3.5.

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So your closest would £4, right?

Vote you clot.

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Bush was always £5 a gram, from memory. Resin £5 for a teenth. Skunk was about £5 for less than a gram - about 0.8g, never understood why. One of the kids at work told me skunk’s £10 a gram now, but he might just be getting rinsed.

My man does 6 for a gram of really good stuff, but he only grows for guys he knows. And me.


Solid Gomez reference

Solid Gomez reference spotting.

No one has ever used grams. It’s £20 an 8th


Dunno. But what I do know is that UK cocaine users are benefiting from a convergence of circumstance which has led to a) increased supply, b) price stability and c) significantly increased quality/purity.

Good time to be alive if you’re into your beak

Sorry to be all brexity, but Good Grief, what is all this chat of grams? Shows how long it’s been since I even thought about cannabis, but BACK IN THE DAY you pooled your money together for an eight-bit. ABout £20 it was. No idea what that is in new money.


Not so much a fan of coke as I am a black market supply & demand nerd. You got any interesting links on this subject?

It’s all grams on the darknet, tbf. Which is also the only place that you’ll get what you pay for. But online or off, you’ll be lucky to get 2 grams for £20 these days, let alone 3.5.

a gram is a ten-bag

Please, saps was talking about grammes.

Also seems the dark web has driven up quality owing to customer reviews. Which is pretty wack. I hope there’s a drug site on there called Trip Advisor lol!!!

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Nowadays I am self sufficient (like a herbier Good Life) so nothing per gram*!

*Well maybe a quid all in or something.


Alas, there is not

…so I’ve (not) heard

Thanks for the link!

Yeah, grams is for gear

I remember when it was £15 an 8th/£25 a quarter

stares whistfully into the middle distance


Whole queue of students in jacksons buying green rizla, golden virginia and £15 cashback

Now jacksons doesnt even exist!
bursts into tears