Which city in the world has the cheapest cannabis – and the most expensive? (NO NARCS ITT)

Not if it kills you. Heart attack on a plate/ toilet cistern, if people don’t realise/ are stupid enough not to test purity by starting with a baby amount.

Back in my day this were all weed fields.


Remember when we heard someone was gonna get busted so they buried a nine bar and bobby c went trying to find it and digging up the spinney with a trowel?

Me neither

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Mobile Digital Martin has just picked up an oz of red seal/gold seal/slate


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Does anyone remember the exact point basically all drugs increased in price by about half? I would say about 2008.

Take it over here pal (never opened this thread but assume it’s 575 posts about cocaine)

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I’m happy for that to be filed under Darwin Awards tbh, but fair enough. Got a few mates who are proper amateur hour when it comes to bugle but they also don’t know what the dark web is so they’re safe for now.


right on

I remember them dropping in price loads. I remember in the 90s when an E would cost about £15. Then it seemed like they were giving them away.

When I first started doing them they were more or less 3 for a tenner, which explains my constant erratic behavior

Gary Abletts were the only drug i ever enjoyed taking. We’re probably talking 2000-2003ish. You could get them for as little as £4. They were shite, like, you could take four or six in a night, but it didn’t seem like a false economy at the time. A few years before that you’d pay £12 minimum. It took me absolutely years of taking them to realise that the key was a few pints of strong lager beforehand.

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You’re still looking at tenner a pop usually so it’s (barely) interesting they’ve avoided the price hike

I found they helped quite a lot with my anxiety actually. Sounds like there’s a lot more dodgy ones about nowadays (maybe that’s just scaremongering) otherwise i’d probably still take them. Found that they made me tolerate other human-beings.

Good on you for making the necessary dad joke.