Which company calls you the most?

Virgin for me. At least once a month trying to up sell/upgrade/get me a phone/congratulate me on my custom.

I’m quite happy with them other than having to fucking speak to them once a stinking month.

Nobody calls me, company or otherwise


First draft Blondie lyrics needed some work.

Used to be Virgin until I told them to fuck off for charging me £47 a month or something for non-fibre broadband.

Now, dunno.

I think the “company” that have called me most this year is the Police.

And that was only like three times.

get the same text from BT about every couple of weeks asking me to rate their engineer


That’s not a call, eric. Come on now.

currently SSE are calling me 3 to 4 times a week. The absolute cunts.

Southern Dental.

Don’t forget you’re coming to the dentist next week. Don’t forget you’re coming to the dentist tomorrow.
Don’t forget you’re coming to the dental hygienist next week. Don’t forget you’re coming to the dental hygienist tomorrow.

Your MomCorp

the “you’ve been in an accident” scammers probably, but stopped answering a long time ago

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getting some shithouses from Ammanford calling me 2-3 times a day at the moment.

shut up, sadpunk

Dunno - I don’t answer unless I know the number.

Hello, 118 118! Plasticniki speaking!

I have taken to saying that it was my fault and then they hang up on me.


you should phone THEM up

Fair point. Please, continue.

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Virgin for me too - I’ve told them I’m not interested, I’ve told them to stop calling, and they don’t even deviate from their script while I do it. would quite like to move to another provider tbh and this is part of the reason.

ID mobile trying to get me to set up a direct debit even though I’ve always had a direct debit. stopped when I threatened to leave them unless they stopped calling me. was fucking crazy like 2 calls a day for a few months