Which company is the worst? (Polls and chat)

Betting companies

  • Bet365
  • William Hill
  • Paddypower
  • Ladbrokes
  • Betfair
  • Coral
  • Other

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Tech Giants

  • Google
  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft
  • Amazon
  • Other

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  • Asda
  • Tescos
  • Sainsburys
  • Morrisons
  • Waitrose
  • Aldi
  • Lidl
  • Other

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  • ryainair
  • easyjet
  • is there any point in writing out other ones?
  • BA
  • Jet2
  • Norwegian Air
  • Virgin
  • Aer Lingus
  • Vueling
  • other

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Literally no idea what the differences are in the betting companies, as far as I’m concerned they’re all amoral scum and can get in the fucking sea.


Big fast food outlets

  • McDonalds
  • KFC
  • Burger King

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Are we voting on morals or which one we just dislike the most?

Never stop being surprised by how much more unpleasant the Ryanair experience is compared to the easyJet one.


petrol stations

  • BP
  • Esso
  • Shell
  • Texaco
  • Gulf
  • Jet
  • One of the supermarket ones
  • Other

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i got covered in bedbug bites on a BA flight and it was still a more pleasant experience than getting a ryanair


I know gambling has been part of sport since the beginning of time, but witnessing the huge increase in popularity and infiltration of betting in football over the past 15 or so years has been pretty nuts. i also fully believe that the emphasis coverage places on advanced statistics nowadays is as much to cater for the armchair football manager as it is to serve the gambling industry.

i don’t hugely care that betting exists, but every other advert and shirt sponsorship in modern football is betting related and i think its immoral, predatory and damaging to the game.

dunno why i’m replying to you since i know you don’t care but we.



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delivery companies

  • DPD
  • Yodel
  • Hermes
  • Parcel Force
  • Parcel2go
  • Parcel Monkey (?)
  • DHL
  • FedEx (arrow in logo)
  • City Sprint
  • UPS

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hermes seems to fuck up every single thing they deliver

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Not even on Hardcore Evilbook

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Choosing between Hermes and Yodel is like trying to pick between shitting yourself and throwing up all over yourself.


The Seville to Beauvais flight two years ago was the only time I’ve flown Ryanair solo and that was ok.

Until it took about 80 hours to collect my bag.

Also, it’s relatively small beer, but I’m 100% convinced they won’t refund my cancelled May flight to Berlin till 2037.

All of these seem bad not sure how to pick


Throwing up every time though, right?


Is that the one with the guy who drinks blood?


  • star wars
  • harry potter
  • lord of the rings
  • star trek
  • marvel movies
  • top gear connected universe

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