Which company is the worst? (Polls and chat)

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Cartoons that guy in your office who you avoid one on one conversations with at all costs loves (there’s always at least one of those guys)

WAIT fuck these aren’t brands. I’ve shit myself or thrown up here and I’m not sure which

  • Spotify
  • Tidal
  • Google Play
  • Are there others? Was there one called Deezer or something?

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What’s wrong with Tidal? I didn’t expect people to vote for them over Spotify. Did I miss something?

Fred Done is the worst in the first category, awful.

I thought we’d all come to the conclusion that they’re all basically thunderingly evil and the only recourse we had was to try to be good to each other while we’re stuck in the capitalist horror web.

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Most evil ticket seller:

  • Ticketmaster

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Kids toys

  • Toys R Us
  • BargainMax
  • Other

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Smyths Toys - why is it so hot in there?

Better sound quality
Better app
Better pay per play rate

I must be missing something
Spotify has the best functionality

Pick the worst one

Yeah I used to work at Betfred. Awful company. He’s a massive tory too. He is paying his staff whilst the lockdown is on though. Even taking an average of what they worked last year and paying that. Could’ve just furloughed everyone but chose not to.

Has your employer featured in this thread?

  • Yes (and they’re the worst)
  • Yes (and they’re not the worst)
  • No

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Many years ago my uncle used to play poker with the Done Brothers. Shady characters

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