Which condiment could you eat the most of on its own?

That’s a hot sauce

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American yellow mustard for me. It’s obviously shite and yet much nicer, could eat a load of that.

I’ve been known to drink caesar sauce directly from the bottle

It’s on the list, so I’m having it

Tartar was actually the inspiration for this thread (fish Friday in the canteen innit). Decided it was a bit too salty to eat in large quantities.

Beg to differ.

In answer to the OP: None. Condiments are way overrated.

I could happily drink Soy Sauce by the pint. I’m sure I read about someone dying from doing this though so if I were to prove it it’d have to be for a bet substantial enough to secure the future of my family.


No you couldn’t


I’ll wire you a fiver over paypal if you film yourself doing it.


Sure I could. Light soy sauce obvs, not the super dense dark stuff.

Prove it. Down a pint of soy sauce and video it

Would you chip in another 5 pounds?

KFC Gravy


I fear my family may need more than this to live on.

I brewed a stout that went wrong and tasted a bit like soy sauce once. I quite liked it, which was handy as no other bugger would go anywhere near it.

I will post @colossalhorse a signed £10 note if he comes through with the video

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Had no idea that was even a thing tbh

This is going to be my, “I can throw a ball over the house run round and catch it” moment isn’t it?

This is not how I saw my afternoon going.


once as a kid, I snuck into the kitchen and drank some soy sauce straight from the bottle thinking it was chocolate sauce. put me off for years

I’m just setting up the Kickstarter page. How much money exactly are we talking?

This is the worst Breaking Bad remake proposal I ever heard.


I better consult the gf and write a will.

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A quarts over 2 pints, you’ll be fine

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