Which country has the best insults?


I’m English and calling someone a wanker is still pretty great, sometimes the classics are the best.


given that germany has basically all the best words anyway, i’m going to go with them.

nb. i don’t actually know any german insults so this is a total guess


yeah I was hoping for some multi-lingual DiSers to show off with some cool swears/put downs in other languages actually


the french tend to swear in long sentences. really gives it a sense of gravity when they’re going for it. let me find a few favs for you bammers


i’m very sorry to have let you down, bam :frowning:


fucking hell that would be great if they’re steamin’ angry and red in the face just ranting in super fast french. Like the E Honda slap of insults


you’ve never let me down mate don’t you worry x


the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy CU


weirdly I reserve prick for when someone’s REALLY pissed me off, even though it’s a pretty mild swear.




It’s like taking a really big run up


Go ndéana an diabhal dréimire do chnámh do dhroma

That the Devil will make a ladder out of your spine.


fuck me that’s dark!


is that legit or did you just make it up cos you’re metal as fuck?


Medieval English is good for this. https://www.interesly.com/medieval-swearing/


that is shit hot tbf


Irish insults are pretty wordy and descriptive. That’s from a list I found online! Here’s another:

Go ndéanfaidh an diabhal cipín dod’ dhá chois

That the Devil makes splinters of your legs.


the Irish devil is one rude dude!


(or lady)


I think he goes by “The Humming Taint” these days