Which country produces the best coffee?


Answers only. No chat.

It’s not fucking Italy, clearly.




you mean coffee beans or cup of coffee


Big fan of south American coffee. Peru, Guatemala, El Salvador.


I’m going with GUATEMALA.


Ethiopia / El Salvador / Guatemala three way tie


Jamaica then Kenya









nothing beats a cup of freshly ground beans from South Wales


Wish people would stop talking the country down and get behind British coffee


The People’s Republic of Arabica


It’s El Salvador


I can never remember which coffee I bought the last time. So I end up buying different coffee every time. When it comes to wine and beer, I can remember which ones are good and which are not so good. With coffee I have this blank space in my mind. I need to figure out which supermarket stocked coffee is good and stick with it.


all tastes tge same


Flyyyyyyy to El Salvador
I don’t know why
And I don’t know what for