which direction is the most popular? (banal)

which direction are you facing right now?
(you mught have a compass on your phone if you are unsure)

  • north
  • northeast
  • east
  • southeast
  • south
  • southwest
  • west
  • northwest

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whichever way you are facing is North if you think about it

Probably One

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I’m facing “west” currently, as I am on the toilet, but when I go back to the sofa in a moment it will be “north”

312 degrees for me

you must answer with whichever direction you are facing when you click the poll.

Only if you’re at the South pole

yeah but I’m talking about relative North not absolute North or whatever it’s called

I think that’s a radio station.


find it fascinating that local radio djs are still a thing, who are they talking to?

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I like going South

due south


Fucking loved that program as a kid.

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South by South West is popular. Here’s a photo of that festival.


so did i. revisited it recently and it wasn’t like i remembered at all

Was it even better than you remember?

Oh yeah that was rubbish well not rubbish just not as good as the original bloke. Liked the bloke who played the ghost of his dad.

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sadly not. wasn’t bad but i forgot that it was all set in chicago or whatever, thought it was set in the wilds of canada

(durrr that’s the whole concept of the show “due south” not “stay north”)

hate how it’s fucking freezing unless you face south

i spend 100% of my time facing north