Which DiSer has the best name?


not username.

Don’t say anyone’s name just agree with me that it’s Theo ok?




Ant is a pretty good name, solid B+


Thanks Bammers, I’ve pretty much rebranded to Tone/Tony in 95% of my life now as I really don’t like ‘Antony’ and I feel very awkward introducing myself as ‘Ant’ to anyone.


Vlad (friend of a disser, good name)




I’m not sure about Tone, are you enough of a lad to pull that off?


Not by a long shot, friend. It just sounds adorable when my nice and nephew call me it.


oh or do you play in a band, in which case tone would be a cool but not too tryhard stage name




hey Theo, did you ever go through a phase of being called “T” or “the O”?

Good fun name selection there


Balonz is a great first name


all time classic


ATT’s was great but then he changed it


p.s no name bullying in this thread, I only want to hear about how great everyone is ok?


pretty sure it’s me (also best hair)


yours is good but is it a Theo beater?


I was going to nominate you but I wasn’t sure how well-known your name was on here (whereas Ic-Smic has posted tweets etc).


Can mine be the shittest? I think I’m in with a shout.


no Steve is top three of the common male names for sure.