Which disers do you recognise from their avatar?


NOTE: Those who’ve got avatars from that “Disers as brands” thread (ie. with their usernames visible in the avatar) do not count, for obvious reasons.

I obviously can’t remember everyone off the top of my head, but at least @japes, @Ruffers, @marckee, @profk. There’s bound to be a few more. These are the ones that I literally don’t need to see the username in order to know which poster it is.

NOTE 2: This does not count as a circle jerk because it’s got nothing to do with who you like more etc, only memory I guess.

How many disers could you name by their profile icon alone?

I recognise steved


@1101010 @whiterussian @WizardLizard


Um, all of them?

Same on twitter, too.


Alright NERD


I get steved and tff confused


I picked a dark picture so it stood out, seems to work
Also true goth/punk, obvz


I would like to know who had it first, fully prepared to relinquish mine if it turns out I inadvertently stole it




steved has had it since pretty much day dot, I think. Certainly within a couple of weeks of the new forums opening


It irks me so much when checking who’s liked what


most recognisable when moving at speed are ruffers, meo, eltham etc. coz of big bright colours


Ah ok he definitely had it first then, I will change mine


Most I suppose. Depends on the small vs large version too.

@colon_closed_bracket and @Severed799 are both sort of grey and similar in small form. I still get @Songs_about_ducking and @DarwinBabe confused, which is obviously odd given their general post content. There are a couple “letterjackets” that have the same colour and similar letters so I get a bit confused with those guys.


Kept getting bird and bowiecokemirror confused but now yer headphones man has gone into semi-retirement again it’s less of an issue


I just screenprinted this, and I reckon I could name all of the DiSers on here other than the ones with the letters.


Oh yeah, xylocat is also easily recognisable.


That familiar sting of “aw a cute cat” followed by an ice burn :confused:


shit yeah I do actually recognise most of those tbh.


Only Ines there are the R and B.

Green B would be bird, F is foppish, and G is geoff right?