Which disers do you recognise from their avatar?

NOTE: Those who’ve got avatars from that “Disers as brands” thread (ie. with their usernames visible in the avatar) do not count, for obvious reasons.

I obviously can’t remember everyone off the top of my head, but at least @japes, @Ruffers, @marckee, @profk. There’s bound to be a few more. These are the ones that I literally don’t need to see the username in order to know which poster it is.

NOTE 2: This does not count as a circle jerk because it’s got nothing to do with who you like more etc, only memory I guess.

@1101010 @whiterussian @WizardLizard

Um, all of them?

Same on twitter, too.

Alright NERD


I get steved and tff confused

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I picked a dark picture so it stood out, seems to work
Also true goth/punk, obvz

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steved has had it since pretty much day dot, I think. Certainly within a couple of weeks of the new forums opening

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It irks me so much when checking who’s liked what


Most I suppose. Depends on the small vs large version too.

@colon_closed_bracket and @Severed799 are both sort of grey and similar in small form. I still get @Songs_about_ducking and @anon82218317 confused, which is obviously odd given their general post content. There are a couple “letterjackets” that have the same colour and similar letters so I get a bit confused with those guys.

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Kept getting bird and bowiecokemirror confused but now yer headphones man has gone into semi-retirement again it’s less of an issue

I just screenprinted this, and I reckon I could name all of the DiSers on here other than the ones with the letters.

Oh yeah, xylocat is also easily recognisable.


That familiar sting of “aw a cute cat” followed by an ice burn :confused:


shit yeah I do actually recognise most of those tbh.

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Only Ines there are the R and B.

Green B would be bird, F is foppish, and G is geoff right?

R is @robluvsnic I think, and the B is @anon30627475?

Yes! I think so

I need to go on a hiatus or something.

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Yeah, Bird’s ‘B’ is green, I think.