Which disers do you recognise from their avatar?

Fucking hell, you cunts can’t recognise what you created.

You’re on my turf buddy. And I LIKE IT.

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What are you talking about

I tried to change mine back at the start but never could for some reason, I think it was permission based. Niki or sean I think was good enough to try to change them but I don’t think it worked. That is the story of my F,

Good story.

:smiley: I don’t mind at all

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Have you tried recently? There was a brief period when no one could change their avatar. Wasn’t sure at the time if it was some kind of ‘flood control’ that forced you to wait for a period before you could change it again?



You fucking heard

Who are you?

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My original avatar was a different colour. I had this hilarious idea of changing it to the same one as @Royter-Hatfood’s, thinking it would trick people. He stopped posting less than 24 hours later

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I’m a natural story teller.


I haven’t but maybe I’ll have another go.

Would anyone like to suggest what avatar I use?


He posted the other day, but his username is Food now.

what a prick.

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this is the leading contender so far

you could cause all sorts of mischief using someone else’s picture. surprised it’s not happened yet.

That Royter one is not the real Royter, obviously.

Glad to hear it stands out though I’m really starting to dislike mine!

Only tend to get confused by those without avatars or letter jackets as @1101010 so wonderfully put it :smile:

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