Which disers would you have as Phone A Friends if you were on Who Wants...Millionaire?



I think you’re allowed to have a pool of three.





@penoid @scottish_lawyer @aboynamedhoogy


Should be a poll thread really with all 5013 users on it.


Definitely @penoid for popular culture and the arts. @hip_young_gunslinger for… words. And someone who’s good with sports stuff but obviously I don’t know who that would be. Didn’t @1101010 post in the football thread once?


5013 balonz alts


In all srsnss it would be Noidzy, Marckee-Marck and Hyggzy


Ian _ sausage _MYNAME


@imaperv for questions about spelling or adding
@marckee for questions about administration or bus timetables
@theo for questions about how to connect dvd players & wifi troubleshooting


On the 5013th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… 5013 Balonz alts, 5012 Double Winters, 5011 TSTs, 5010 Mushroom logs…


@1101010 x 3 probably


perhaps we can treat this as the nominations thread and then have a poll with everyone who’s been nominated


someone who is good at sports questions
someone who is good at history
someone who is good at geography

if i could get a doubler to occupy the one space i reckon i’d put @Balonz in there just in case there were any questions about household appliances or kitchen utensils


I reckon I could double down on sports and geography if you want? (Non-UK geography though)


hey pal this isn’t the List Popular Quiz Categories thread. Name and shame


That’s some smart thinking @Smee, consider yourself added to my list!

Wait, have you sorted out a new mobile yet?


yep! i will have fast mobile internet to google anything i don’t know


@Smee x 3


I hope this isn’t an attempted “you scratch my back” type thing


"ok mr lonz, this question for 32 THOUSAND pounds. this biggest selling tiered clothes airer in the uk between 2011-2012 was: "