Which do you reckon could be more easily automated:

  • What you do at work
  • What you post on here

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I reckon you could make an epimer bot for posts on here in a few hundred lines of code, tops. It would need to recognise the syllabic pattern for a good “Albuquerque”, but other than that it would just be replying to lists with “C-C-C-C-C-COCAINE” and randomly generating posts about bum wee. The lunch thread replies would also write themselves.


On here definitely. I should really pay more attention to work. Surely they can create a Verbose Centrist Hot Take Bot to replace me by NOW??

haggistoastie.jpg every quarter would do it.

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half the stuff i do at work was automated by someone who has since gone on to a better paid job, so i can happily plug away doing stuff that could be automated, but isnt. my posts on here, however, are highly unpredictable

Post picture of some food/post something banal/post a bad pun - there’s not much more to it tbh

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Pretty much the definition of what I do at work is working on brand new things, or on system development which leads to automation, so I reckon I’m un-automatable.

I’ve never understood the Albuquerque thing. Can someone explain it please?

Bugs Bunny reference

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I think if you fed that list of DiSisms into an app and got it to randomly select one to reply to posts you would get a decent hit rate

Has always thought of Prefab Sprout as a one hit wonder, but just seen this on their Wiki page:

Years active 1978–present


I design and develop the reports, processes and tasks that everyone else in my department uses. Most things are bespoke.

For DiS, random posts about Crystal Palace football club, cats, gardening and beer could probably be easily automated. Yes I know I’m pretty predictable and boring.

Man, you need to listen to Steve McQueen. It’s an incredible album.

Will get on it :+1: