Which fads were banned from your school? #schoolweek

Tamagotchi’s were banned at primary school. Too distracting.

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There was an outcry, its what most people looked forward to tbh

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I never got mine to evolve :frowning:

Me either, kept killing it. Maybe if they’d have let me have it at school I would of though. I was robbed!


My dad had to take my sibling’s one into work with him once. He was allowed to feed it during a meeting because it was the height of Tamagotchi-mania and the other parents understood all too well


Polos got banned as well

Some kids with single parents or other entitlements got given £1.20 school dinner allowance.

The enterprising kids brought in a packed lunch, then spent their free £1.20 on tubes of polos, selling them off for about 10p a roll.

The whole school was always covered in polos. Most were eaten but you can also frisbee a polo surprisingly hard and far.

Eventually the headteacher told the lunch caterers they’d have to stop stocking them :frowning:


The giant potato character craze was banned in my school. :frowning:


I’m amazed it lasted so long with us because the joke was just running up to a piece of paper and drawing the biggest potato possible

And we were generally limited to A4 so there’s kind of a ceiling in place already

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did you have that thing with the candy bracelet/necklace things where people would bite off half of the candy and then ping the other bit at you in class?


Remember the late 90s yo-yos craze?


We were banned from making our own Top Trumps. This was announced the day that I discovered the Teacher Top Trump stats that I’d put in one of my workbooks had been ripped out overnight…

I hated one of my sixth form teachers and had given her a 10/10 for nastiness :eyes: (she was horrible and targeted me for absolutely nothing, I’d only ever been teacher’s pet before so I was really confused and upset that she kept blaming me - got sent out of assembly because the two boys next to me were talking when I wasn’t, they didn’t get sent out. And another time because one of the boys deliberately made me laugh when she was out the room and he dobbed me in when she came back. I will never forgive or forget!! She was horrible and I curse her every time I see her comment on my mum’s Facebook)


The what craze?

Condoms (someone was suspended for filling them with water, classic bants)

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We were banned from saying ‘smell my cheese’. Someone must have got it from Partridge but I didn’t know what it was at the time, but I’ll never forget a red faced, raging teacher standing in the playground screaming ‘who started smell my cheese?!’


Yes! Yo-yo’s were banned in my primary school, people using them essentially as weapons.

Once when it snowed they put signs up that said “NO SNOWBALLING” and when I pointed it out to my pal he laughed so hard he fell down the stairs.

(we were at prime Clerks quoting age)


is snowballing a sexual thing?



Pogs were banned from primary school, not sure why.

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