Which famous people/fictional characters do you imagine DISers that you haven't met are like?

I imagine @hip_young_gunslinger to be exactly like Olly off of Helen & Olly.

I imagine @anon29812515 to be a lot like Jim Stark

What the fuck is Helen and Olly?

I imagine smee to be like Olly Murs

That’s exactly what Olly would say

I imagine you’re a bit like Angelos Epithemou

Am I close?

What the fuck is Olly Murs?

geezer with a big forehead

I’ve met HYG and I would say he is a bit more droll than Olly but you’re not a million miles off. You could plausibly describe him as drolly.

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I’ve got quite a small forehead but I just googled him and I think we might kindred spirits

Slightly bigger forehead but yes, you’re warm enough

i picture marckee as that kid in his avatar

and antpoc as the walking glenn

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This is probably closer to the truth


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