Which feels better - POLL THREAD

  • A sneeze
  • A burp

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A sneeze is often a welcome unexpected bonus. A burp reliefs some discomfort on occasions; it feels better.

  • Cold shower on a hot day
  • Hot bath on a cold day

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Makes my soul, makes my soul, trip, trip, trip away.

  • Drunk sex
  • Hungover sex
  • Chance would be a CWBAFT thing

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There’s a very, very small window of drunkenness in which it is actually good. Soon as you’re over that it’s barely worth bothering.


Drunk fumbly pre-sex is fantastic, then soon as we hit the bed it’s like OH GOD STOP THE SPINNING and one of us falls asleep while the other is probably puking. Morning sex is the best either way, hangover or not.

Edit: i mean APPARENTLY. Obvious don’t know. :angel:


actually get less horny the drunker I get which is weird.


lager shandy > hand shandy


I can’t do anything at all when actually hungover, couldn’t be in a less sexual mood. Don’t know what sort of non-hangovers the rest of you are having.


There’s absolutely nothing better than lazily and unenthusiastically getting your ends away with the sound of sunday brunch bleeding through the walls tbh

  • cold side of the pillow
  • freshly cleaned sheets

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  • A long sleep
  • Waking up early (naturally)

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  • Walking on water
  • Turning water into wine
  • Feeding the 5000 with 5 loaves and two fishes
  • Rising from the dead on the third day

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Fuck being a zombie if you can readily produce trout from a basket

  • Massive wee you’ve been urgently needing
  • Massive poo you’ve been urgently needing

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massive wee is very satisfying but is a long process. when you urgently need a poo and then you finally go and it just plops out beautifully - my word.


god i should do some work


My worry with the massive poo is that there could be follow through up, whereas a massive wee is pure worry-free relief.


I quite like the slightly bewildering feeling of your insides rearranging themselves after doing a massive, quick poo.