Which feels nicer

  • Cool breeze when you’re too hot
  • Warning up by the fire when you’re too cold

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  • Brushing your teeth when they feel gross
  • Get rid of something that had been stuck in your teeth for hours

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  • Eating when you’re hungry
  • Drinking when you’re thirsty

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Can get this, like one is relief from a feeling you hate, whereas the other is actually a nicer thing for its own sake

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Not dying is Good imho


There are more ways to warm yourself up if you’re cold than there are to cool yourself down if you’re hot. This is why a cool breeze is more satisfying and it is also why arguments around thermostat control should be weighted in favour of the “I’m too hot” crowd

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  • Going to bed after a long day with a clear day tomorrow
  • Waking up to the first full day of a holiday/trip/staycation

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Sometimes I wake up on a Saturday or other holiday and literally punch the air when I realise I don’t have to go to work

  • Cracking a joint that really needed to crack
  • Really satisfying nose picking expedition

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  • Reaching the highest point on a hike
  • Reaching the end of a hike

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Is there a pub at the highest point?


Probably not. You’re welcome to tuck into your scotch egg and flapjack or w/e though.


the food always tastes better while outside so that was the swinger for me

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I get hupset


Sorry but both are excellent

CLAUDIA CLIMBSTER: Always tek a Mars bar with me on a hike

MOUNTAINEER JACKSON: Lol it’s not actually good for you to have a Mars bar like they just say it is so they can sell Mars bars

CLAUDIA CLIMBSTER: yeh well jokes on you i’ve got a Mars Duo

DOUBTING THOMAS: who is funding this forum post

CLAUDIA CLIMBSTER: oh wow look M. Jackson

MOUNTAINEER JACKSON: oh fuck it’s Doubting Thomas can you sign my Bible please

DOUBTING THOMAS: yeh yeh who shall I make it out to

MOUNTAINEER JACKSON: yeah so Mountaineer that’s M-O-U (continues spelling his name)

DOUBTING THOMAS: cool yeah nice to see a fan up in the sticks haha

CLAUDIA CLIMBSTER: you still in touch with the other apostles

DOUBTING THOMAS: well ya know people change - kids and that… and work NNGGHH hahaha ya know. But yeah no me and Luke have been sending each other improvs - dunno might put some, might put some like breakbeats on there you know. My son’s really into his Ableton see if he can do a wikiwiki you know… remix



Happy with my crew on this one

A hike ends at a pub and do the pint you drink is one of the best ever

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sometimes i think it’s okay to learn to live with being a bit hungry. because otherwise i feel like it’s something of a compulsion of mine to hammer food the second i feel a LITTLE bit hungry, and then i think, well, it shouldn’t need to be that immediate.

Typically agree with cooling down being more satisfying than warming up as the latter is easier to achieve, but a breeze in the summer is unlikely to offer too much relief compared to the instant heat that fire brings

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