Which film character are you like?





Physically, John Coffey in The Green Mile
Personality, Sgt Dignam in The Departed


Jim Stark



bruce bogtrotter ate the teachers wotsits once but it was by accident


A few atds drunkenly called me at 2am last weekend to tell me how much I was like mace windu (they’d been discussing who was what Star Wars character out of our friend group)

I’ll take it.




Having met you I can confirm the 100% likeness to Samuel L Jackson


You are under arrest, my (north London) lord.


wannabe terry pratchett trapped in a pound shop statham


I saw Statham filming something in Cardiff and he’s surprisingly short, I bet if you stood next to each other he’d be like the poundshop er, him.
checked wikipedia. 5’8! what a dweeb


Yeah this is what brings me joy tbf. I can get musclier but he can’t get taller


I’d like to think Enid Coleslaw but I am more a Seymour


Somebody told me once i was like violet incredible but i’ve never seen it, so


I was voted the future Bridget Jones of my sixth form. accurate content tbf but I have better bants and a significantly worse job/location going on.


Meatloaf in Fight Club in terms of looks.
Meatloaf in Fight Club in terms of personality.


His name is Robert Paulson



Flubber. From the movie Flubber.